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 Amateur Radio Useful Links

Here are some links of use to radio hobbyists:

137 MHz to 10 GHz Allocations in the United States. The U.S. Government's National Telecommunications and Information Administration has a complete table of U.S. allocations in this frequency range which you can view at this Web site.

Airwaves Media FCC Database Search. This site lets you search the FCC's database for the frequency, power, and antenna data for AM and FM stations in the United States and Canada, and also Mexican FM stations.

Apogee Communications. A great source for informative videos on on emergency family preparedness (including ham and shortwave communications), pet emergency first aid, and other useful topics.

BAMlog! Links, logs, photos, and more for the medium wave broadcast DXer ... plus Loco the cat.

Broadcast.com. If you want to hear American AM and FM stations from around the country via RealAudio and the Web, this is the place!

Canadian AM Radio Directory. A complete directory of AM band stations in Canada.

Elliot Broadcast Services. This site allows you to search the FCC databases for information on U.S. AM and FM stations, and also includes a daily summary of AM and FM station applications filed and actions taken by the Commission.

Expanded AM Band Pages. Shawn Axelrod has compiled a massive list of all stations---broadcast, utility, beacon, pirate, etc.---operating, or recently active, in the 1600 to 1700 kHz range.

Federal Communications Commission. This is the site for complete information about FCC rules and regulation, searches of their on-line databases, etc.

FM Band DXing From Lexington, KY. This attractive, informative and well organized website is a great intro to DXing the FM broadcast band.

Free Radio Berkeley. Stephen Dunifer is one of the pioneers of the FM "micropower" broadcasting movement. He believes, not unreasonably, that people should have the right to broadcast with low power equipment on vacant FM channels. The FCC disagrees; this site will let you keep up with Dunifer's battles with them.

Frequency Allocation Chart. The U.S. Government's National Telecommunications and Information Administration offers a chart of U.S. frequency allocation that you can download from this site; the chart is in Adobe .PDF format.

George Jacobs and Associates. This firm provides engineering and consulting services to American shortwave broadcasters; there are a ton of interesting links here.

International Listener Site Many links to shortwave broadcast and shortwave hobby related links.

KFOG. A favorite station of Harry Helms.

National Radio Data a subscription-based provider of scanner frequencies and information for nationwide public service, ham radio, mass media and more.

Listen to the Satellites. This is another site for satellite listening information.

Radio Free Conscience. This is a Web site that covers the community-based "free radio" (as opposed to pirate radio) movement. Free radio holds that low power broadcasting should be allowed on locally vacant AM and FM channels to give a voice to population segments inadequately represented by the mainstream media. This site is where to find out more about one of the pioneers of the free radio movement, Black Liberation Radio of Decatur, Illinois.

Radio H.F. Internet Newsletter Sheldon Harvey's monthly newsletter provides timely and accurate information on where to find interesting radio related links on the web. This web site saves time by finding unique and informative sources for you.

Radio Resources. An encyclopedic collection of links and information for radio hobbyists!

Reel Radio. If you remember clear channel "Top 40" radio from the 1960s and 1970s (WLS, WABC, WCFL, etc.), then this is a trip down memory lane! And if you want to understand what the excitement was all about, this is a good introduction. Includes RealAudio files.

Shortwave Workbench. A new site in the Netherlands covering many aspects of shortwave listening.

Steve Taafe's Tafcommedia.net. Steve Taafe is a long-time DXer, and this page has a large, varied selection of RealAudio files created from tapes that he's collected since the 1960s. Rare 1960s Europirates, AM radio jingles, and airchecks are a few of the treasures you'll find here!

Strong Signals Resource Page. Just what the name implies; this site has plenty of tips and techniques for improving your radio reception.

TRS Consultants. Tom Sundstrom ("TRS") is a veteran author on shortwave listening topics, and has created Web sites for some international broadcasters. His site contains numerous radio-related links and other useful information; you must bookmark this one!

TV Guide back issues. Future historians will find issues of  TV Guide an essential tool for understanding American culture in the second half of this century. Jeff Kadet, K1MOD, sells back issues of TV Guide. His site has some cool cover illustrations!

TV Smith's World Band Radio. Your link to many worldwide broadcast stations in RealAudio.

Ultimate TIS Page. Travelers information stations (TIS) are low power stations, usually operating just above 1600 kHz, that give information on road and traffic conditions to motorists. This site is a complete guide to such stations in the United States.

US Coast Guard Maritime Telecommunications Great information for any land lubber (or seaman!) interested in monitoring HF or VHF maritime comms.

World Band Radio. Here is an easy connection to many broadcast stations from around the world.

Xtal Set Society. This site is dedicated to the art of making these radio and even DXing with crystal sets.


 Short Wave Listener Links
Here are short-wave radio-related sites not operated by broadcasters or clubs. To suggest a site to be included here, or to report a defunct link, click here to send e-mail.

Asian Broadcasting Institute. Want short-wave schedules for Asian short-wave stations? Want to hear interval signals from Asian stations? This is the place!

Canadian DX Message Board. Here you can read the opinions and activities of Canadian DXers.

English Shortwave to North America. Daniel Sampson brings you the latest short-wave schedules for North America.

Free Radio Network. This is where to find the latest information about pirate radio stations. If you're interested in pirate radio, bookmark this site!

Introduction aux ondes courtes. A French language informational web site based on a printed publication by the former Club d'Ondes Courtes du Québec. Introduces the beginner to the main aspects of shortwave listening, in plain French.
Introduction aux ondes courtes: la découverte des ondes courtes en langage clair, accessible aux non techniciens. Tous les aspects de ce passe-temps d'envergure mondiale. Liens francophones.

Hard-Core DX. A site for listeners whose primary interest is in trying to hear weak, seldom-received stations.

Glenn Hauser's World of Radio. Glenn produces the weekly World of Radio program broadcast over several shortwave stations and is also the publisher of Review of International Broadcasting and DX Listening Digest. This site contains the latest schedule for World of Radio and summaries of recent editions.

Interval Signals On-Line. Includes RealAudio files of various interval signals played by short-wave stations at sign on and during program breaks.

Robert Kramer's Home Page. Robert specializes in trying to hear distant stations on long-wave and the AM broadcast band.

Tim Noonan's Home Page. Another DXer with a home page containing useful information.

Patepluma International Radio Home Page. This site is run by Don Moore and concentrates on shortwave broadcasters of Latin America.

Propagation Forecasts. The same propagation forecasts broadcast at 18 minutes past the hour on stations WWV/WWVH is also available from this site run by NOAA. The forecast is updated at three hour intervals.

Radio Free Internet. Andy Yoder, author of books and articles on pirate radio, runs this site devoted to pirate radio and hobby (Part 15) broadcasting.

R390 Receiver Page. A site devoted to the legendary R390 series of receivers.

Chris Smolinski's Spy Numbers Page. Chris has devoted space at his personal Web site to information about the mysterious "spy numbers" stations that have been widely heard for decades.

Swedish Report Service (SRS).  This is a killer site devoted to European pirate/free radio!  Includes RealAudio clips of European pirates, latest loggings and operating news, and additional links.

WWV Page. Information on the services available at WWV and WWVH.


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